Us Squared

Games are often a source of escapism. We immerse ourselves in the wondrous, colourful faraway worlds to get away from our everyday boring grind. But as many smart people have tried to tell me over the years, a lot of it is a matter of perception. The real world around us can be pretty darn interesting too.

I started working on visuals like this for a work related idea but I enjoyed making them so much I wanted to bring the idea further. And that is how Us Squared was born. I want to show real people in the same light we saw the brilliant characters of nineties point and click games. We all have our stories, some of them made up and some of them real, and each and every one of us is interesting enough to have their own adventure.

And geeking out on a little bit of retro graphics helps too... :)

It has been an interesting experience both in terms of the illustration style and also creating the website as at the time I was making the site it was the most technically advanced one I had undertaken yet.

Us Squared website