Outcomes App

Making the complicated easier to explain.

When doctors consider new drugs to replace the ones they are using at the moment, they have many aspects to consider. How much better the new drug is, what problems present with the existing drugs will it help with, how much more will it cost in the short term and how much health care savings will there be in the long run.

This is usually modeled using very complicated Excel based tools, however they are not easy to use and they are too complicated to be comprehended at a glance.

So I was tasked with turning one such Excel application into a tool that could be used on a iPad to quickly gain a comprehensive overview of the probable changes and allow for deep dives into each of the drug's aspects too.

I developed the tool by carefully starting with basic wireframes, seeking feedback from the people who will be using the tool as well as the specialists who developed the algorithm at the completion of each iteration and slowly scaling the deliverable to an interactive mockup, which I then passed on the developer and helped them turn it into the final app.

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