easyJet Careers Technology page

Uplifting technology careers

Just like many other employers whose primary focus is not IT related, easyJet is not perceived as a good destination for technology careers, so easyJet wanted something more unique for their Technology roles page.

They had already been offered some options for this but they didn’t feel they were reflecting the unique and ground-breaking nature of the technology division therefore I and two other designers were asked to come up with a few alternatives.

easyJet Careers Tech page

The design below was one of my offered solutions. The design would break out from the blocky nature of most websites by utilising the easyJet 500 graphic. The page would include multiple interactive features - like the Google street view allowing the user to explore where on the ground and in the air easyJet Tech had made a difference. The plane in the middle of the page would have followed the user journey down the page, lifting off as they started learning more about easyJet tech and landing as they made the decision to apply.

The final choice came down between the option shown above and the one below. The latter won by a slight margin, however it was only developed to the first basic mock-up so I was tasked to design all the necessary interactions, additional content as well as how the page would behave responsively.

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